Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick For ONE X

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Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick For ONE X


• You won’t see the selfie stick in your shots, giving you unobstructed, impossible angles.
• Can be used with the camera individually.
• Can be used with the camera and sport accessories.
• 28cm at its shortest, extendable to an impressive 120cm.
• ONE X’s perfect companion, automatically concealed in photos and videos by advanced algorithms.
• Can be used with Bullet-Time Handle to shoot Bullet-Time.

Size:Selfie Stick (ONE X)
Invisible Selfie Stick (ONE R / ONEX / ONE / EVO)


• Loosen the stick: Rotate the handle clockwise to unlock the telescopic rod.
• Pull: Pull up in the direction indicated by the arrow.
• Fix in place: Rotate the handle anti-clockwise, fix the telescopic rod in place.

• Material: Aviation Aluminum
• Shortest length: 28.5 cm
• Maximum length: 120 cm
• Top screw: ¼ Standard screw
• Bottom screw: ¼ Standard screw
• Weight: 162g


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